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Library FAQs (prior to COVID19)

Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Library and its resources. #LibraryFAQ

How many books can I take out at a time?

You can borrow up to 10 books at a time. View our loan policies here.

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Can I take out books over the holidays?

Yes, books can be borrowed over the holidays. All normal loan periods and overdue fines remain the same. View our loan policies here.

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How long can I borrow these books?

Standard books (those not on reserve or in the reference section) can be checked out for 2 weeks at a time. Loan periods for all materials are shown in the table below.

Type of Item

Length of Loan Period

Maximum # of Items


2 weeks (2 Renewals permitted if no holds have been placed on the items)

10 per student


2 days

5 per student 


1 or 2 hour use in Library OR

2-day loan (as indicated in Reserve Binder)

2 per student


2 weeks


DVDs & Videos

In-College use only. Previewing in Library.

Faculty may borrow videos & DVDs on a 2-day loan.


Note: Your student I.D. card is required to borrow Library materials. I.D. cards are not transferrable!

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How do I renew my books?

To renew your books, bring them back to the Library Loans Desk. Note that the books must be physically present to be renewed. Unfortunately, online renewal is not currently possible. A borrowed item can be renewed twice, provided that no other student has placed a hold on the item.

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What are the fines/policy for overdue books?

In order to ensure that all students can access our books, it is essential that you return your borrowed materials on time. If you return materials late, you will incur a charge: late fees for specific items are detailed below. If you realize you will need a book longer than the normal borrowing period, bring it to the Loans Desk to be renewed (this option is available as long as no other student has requested the book).

All items for general loans:

(Books, pamphlets, and CD-ROMs)

Late fee: $0.25 per item per day ($10.00 max.)

Reserve materials: 1 and 2 hour items

Late fee: $5.00 per item, instantly.  

Reserve materials: 2-day items

Late fee: $5.00 per item returned after 10:00 am on the date due.

Recall notices:

A MIO message is sent to request that item(s) be returned by the due date because another borrower has placed a hold on it.

Late fee: $5.00 per item per Recall notice ignored.

"Library Use Only" materials removed from the Library:

(Reserve items, reference books, magazines and newspapers.)

Fee: $5.00 per item.

Lost or Damaged items:

Fee: $50.00 - $100.00 replacement fee per item and $10.00 processing fee plus any fines owing will be applied to account. At the end of each semester, all unreturned items are flagged as "Lost" and associated fines are added to the student's account.

Borrowing privileges will be revoked when you have...

- Outstanding fines of $10.00 or more.

- More than 5 items overdue.

- Item(s) that are more than 5 days late.

Note: Unpaid Library debts will result in loss of borrowing privileges. All overdue items must be returned and outstanding debts must be cleared by the end of semester. Students with excessive outstanding debts will be reported to the Registrars office and access to the College's intranet as well as registration/transcript printing may be blocked.

Late fees for Media Equipment

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I got a message that my book is in. Where do I pick it up?

All books are held at the Loans Desk. Please talk to the desk clerk to pick up your item.

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How do I return a book I borrowed from the St. Lawrence campus?

Please return your book directly to a clerk at the Loans Desk so we can make sure it is properly processed and returned to St. Lawrence.

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Help! The book I want is... the St. Lawrence Library.

St. Lambert students may borrow books from the St. Lawrence campus by filling out our online:

OR by stopping by the Reference Desk.

We will contact St. Lawrence Campus Library and they will ship the book here. It normally takes 3-4 business days for your book to arrive. We will send you a MIO message to let you know when it has arrived.

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..."newly acquired".

If the catalogue record for your book says that the item is “newly acquired”, this means that it has not yet been catalogued and placed on the shelves. To get access to this book, please do NOT place a regular hold on it. Instead, come to the Loans Desk and let a desk clerk know that you would like to borrow the book. The clerk can then place a “rush” on the book and get it to you as quickly as possible.

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...already borrowed by another student!

First of all, if a book you want is already borrowed, don't forget to put a hold on it. That way, we can notify you when it is returned and it will be set aside for you. To put a hold on a book, look it up in the catalogue and click the "Place hold" link. You will need to log in with your student ID number and a 4-digit password consisting of the last digit of the year you were born, the last digit of the month you were born, and two digits for the day.  (For example, if you were born on December 9, 2005, your password would be 5209).

Second, check to see if we have electronic books (e-books) on your topic. To access the eBooks page from the library website, click on the "e-Books" button. You will see links to CREDO Reference, which contains electronic encyclopedia articles, and Ebook Central, which contains over 26,000 full-length electronic books. They are all available 24/7. If you are accessing them from home, you will need to login with your student number and "password for college computers" (available on your course schedule in Omnivox).

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...not found in the college library catalogue.

If the book you are looking for is unavailable in the catalogue, don’t panic! Here are a couple of things to try:

First, check to see whether we have an electronic copy of your book (an e-book). Our Ebook Central database contains over 26,000 full-length electronic books. They are all available 24/7. If you are accessing them from home, you will need to login with your student number and "password for college computers" (available on your course schedule in Omnivox). To access Ebook Central directly from the library website, click on the "e-Books" tab on the homepage.

Second, you can also check whether the BAnQ has the book you want. The BAnQ is the Quebec’s main public library, and access to its resources is free for all Quebec residents. BAnQ may have either the physical book you want or an electronic copy. If you don’t already have a membership at BAnQ, you will have to sign up for one before you can access some of their resources. Click here sign up for membership or here to browse the library’s remote-access collection.

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My teacher told me this book is on Reserve. What does that mean?

Faculty, and sometimes Library staff, place materials "on reserve" if they are required reading for a whole class. Reserve materials can be library books, articles, math and science solutions, sample exams, and sometimes teachers' personal books.

Students can check whether a particular teacher has put items on Reserve by consulting the Course Reserves list available online (through the library catalogue). These titles are organized alphabetically by course name, teachers' surnames, campus & numerically by course number. Each teacher specifies whether an item can be borrowed on a 2-day loan or is for in-Library use only. The Course Reserves are also listed in the large binder at the Loans Desk.

Reserve items are kept at the Loans Desk. A valid Champlain student I.D. card is required to use Reserve items.

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Can I renew an item I checked out from Reserves?

Generally, Reserve items on 2-day loan cannot be renewed. For in-Library Reserves (1- or 2-hour loans), it may be possible to renew the book if no other student has requested it in the meantime. Please speak to a desk clerk if you would like to continue working with your Reserve item beyond the standard loan period.

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What's a Reference book? Can I borrow Reference books?

Reference books are books that are usually not read cover to cover. Instead, people consult individual articles or sections to find factual information on a specific topic. Reference books are especially useful when you don’t yet know much about a topic, and you want some background information.

Librarians select books for the reference section because they judge that many people may need to refer to different sections of those books. Because of this special use, our collection of reference books is not available to be borrowed. If you need to use part of a reference book, you may either use it in the library and take notes, or photocopy the section(s) you need.

If you need to access reference materials off-campus, you may consult the CREDO database, a large collection of electronic reference books. When you search in CREDO you are searching through the full text of hundreds of reference books at once. Access CREDO through the “Find eBooks” link on the library’s homepage.

Ask at the Reference Desk (Monday-Friday 9:00-4:00) if you need help more help finding relevant reference materials.

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