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Library FAQs (prior to COVID19)

Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Library and its resources. #LibraryFAQ

Guide Purpose

The purpose of the Library FAQ guide is to answer the frequently asked questions about using the library, doing research and finding resources.

Use the menu on the left to browse through the questions under the broad headings for the all FAQs related to the Library, Research, French Sources, Online Resources, & Access/Login Help.


The questions were gathered from Champlain students over several years and the answers were generated by the librarians at the George Wallace Library.

Big thanks to our Winter 2016 Practicum Project student from the School of Information Studies graduate program at McGill University for her significant contribution to the completion of this FAQ project.

Video Sources

“Finding a Book on the Shelf: A Guide to Understanding Call Numbers” by champlibrary.

Published Jan 2014, run time 2:42

Found in Q: “I see the book I want in the catalogue. How do I find it on the shelves?”

(In FAQ under: Library > Finding > Catalogue)


“Primary vs Secondary Sources” by Hartness Library.

Published Jan 2017, run time 3:17

Found in Q: “What is a primary source? How can I identify and find primary sources?“

(In FAQ under: Research > Evaluating Sources)


CIN1104 – Les plateformes de recherche francophones, partie 1” by BibliothequesUdeM.

Published Sept 2015, run time 10:15

Found in Q: “How do I use Erudit?“

(In FAQ under: Online Resources > Help with a particular database)


“How to run a Basic Search on Credo” by Credo Toolbox

Published n.d., run time 3:08

Found in Q: “How do I use CREDO?“

(In FAQ under: Online Resources > Help with a particular database)



Video series: 6 videos

Found in Q: “How do I use ProQuest to access...?“

(In FAQ under: Online Resources > Help with a particular database)