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Printing in the Library

There are 10 Express Printing Laptops set up near the Library-Student Xerox Printer. You will not need to log on these computers. Download and open your document and select "Print". You will be prompted by Papercut to enter your Champlain student number and password (for Microsoft 365, not for Omnivox).

The document will spool and be sent to the Library-Student Xerox Printer.

Priority is given to students who only need to print something quickly. These are not the computers to use if you need to write a paper or do some serious editing of your work. Borrow a laptop at the Loans Desk for that!

Printing Tip : Use private browsing on these public computers. You may also restart the computer to clear your personal information.


Printing Instructions

1. Open your document.
2. Select File>Print or type Ctrl + P.

3. Sign in to PaperCut MF (pop-up) :

  • Username = Champlain Student Number
  • Password for Wifi/Moodle/Office 365 

(note: PaperCut automatically signs out after each print job. This is the default setting)

4. Pick up your document on Library-Student Xerox Printer.
5. Close your document and/or web browser.

Students are reminded to respect the current Canadian Copyright legislation as well as the Copibec License agreement.

Printing Costs


The PaperCut MF software manages all the printouts. You will need to have enough printing credits to pay for your printouts.

In the Fall semester, all student accounts are credited with 100 printing credits for the academic year. This means that in the Winter semester, only the new students receive printing credits.

For black and white copies, it costs 1 printing credit for each side of a page. Single-sided copies cost 1 printing credit and double-sided copies cost 2 printing credits.

For colour copies, it costs 10 printing credits for each side of a page. Single-sided copies cost 10 printing credits and double-sided copies cost 20 printing credits.


You can check your printing credit balance in 3 ways:

  • Login to Omnivox and click "Printing credits"
  • Open PaperCut MF Client (On campus computers only)
  • Bring your Champlain student card to the Library Loans Desk and Ask Us for your balance.


Need more printing credits? At the Loans Desk you may add 10 for $1 or 20 for $2 paying with cash only! You can also buy 50 for $5 and/or 100 for $10 by paying with cash, debit or credit.

Photocopying and Scanning

Please sign into the Library-Student Xerox Printer to start scanning or photocopying.

Scan your document to create an digital / electronic copy and save it to a memory stick or email it to yourself.

Photocopy your document to have a print copy.

Same cost for printing a page applies.

Questions? Ask Us!