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Library FAQs (prior to COVID19)

Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Library and its resources. #LibraryFAQ

Access to the databases is down, what should I do?

Unfortunately, sometimes technical issues cause the Library’s online resources, including the catalogue and the databases, to be inaccessible for short periods of time. If this happens and you need access to resources for an assignment, we suggest that you visit the BAnQ’s website. The BAnQ is Quebec’s main public library, and access to its resources is free for all Quebec residents. Luckily, BAnQ provides access to many of the same academic databases that Champlain subscribes to, as well as some materials we don’t have! View the BAnQ’s collection of online (“remote access”) materials here.

Note that you must be a member of the BAnQ before you can access these materials. If you don’t already have a membership at BAnQ, you can sign up here.

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How do I log into the library's databases? Can I log in from home?

Access to the library’s databases can be found by clicking on the “Articles” link on the library’s main page. If you are on campus, you will automatically be able to access any of our databases just by following its link. To access the databases from home, you will need to login with your student number and "password for college computers" (available on your course schedule in Omnivox).

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What’s the “borrower ID” and PIN for my library account?

The Library's online catalog (KOHA) displays your loansfines and holds when you click to "Log in to your account". To sign into your account, you will need to the following login information:

Your borrower ID: this is the same as your student number

Your PIN #: A 4-digit password consisting of:

the last digit of the year you were born

the last digit of the month you were born 

two digits for the day you were born

(in that exact order) 

For example, you were born on December 9, 2003, your password would be 3209.

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