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ISSS Course Guide

Writing a Thesis Statement or a Research Question

Writing a Thesis Statement

The thesis statement for your ISSS paper is a concise summary of the main goal of your research, in 1-5 sentences. It narrows the direction of your research and focuses the writing of your paper.

Example 1:

Gentrification in St. Henri is driven by a lack of political support for the working class population. It has led to untenable increases in rent and associated costs of living for long-time residents of the area.

Example 2:

The purpose of this research is to describe the context of the gentrification of St. Henri. It aims to examine the effects of gentrification on long-time residents of the area, looking at the effects of increases in costs of living and changing cultural norms in the area.

Writing a Research Question

A research question is a clear, focused and arguable question that directs your research.

Example 1:

In the case of the gentrification of St. Henri, do the benefits of increased prosperity of the area outweigh the negative consequences of rapid cultural change and increases in cost of living for long-time residents?

Example 2:

What effects has the gentrification of St. Henri had on the social and economic well being of the area’s long-time residents?