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ISSS Course Guide

The Annotated Bibliography

How to choose your sources

• Choose 8 current and reliable references on your social issue.
• The references must include peer reviewed journal articles, books / e-books, and may include reliable websites.
• Book reviews, blogs or comments on blogs are not accepted.


• Use the referencing style suggested by your professor. APA, Chicago and MLA referencing styles are commonly used.

How to annotate sources

• Read and take notes on each article or book chapter.
• Summarize the purpose of the work and the research method, as well as the main findings. You may also note the author’s credentials. Finally, indicate how this source will be used in your paper.
• For the ISSS annotated bibliography (but not for all annotated bibliographies) you may also be required to indicate the relevant social science disciplines and related concepts at the end of each annotation. Example: (economics & income level).

Note: It is important to remember that while this page offers suggestions on how to create an annotated bibliography, you are required to follow your professor’s instructions.