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ISSS Course Guide

Final Integrative Project (IP)

What is the Final IP?

The final IP is the final version of your research paper for the ISSS class.  It includes the edited and improved work from your rough draft, and is handed in near the end of your semester. 

How to edit your work

With the feedback from your teacher and your peer on the rough draft, you have guidelines for how to improve your final IP.  You may also go to the second floor of the library and sign up for help from the writing center or the learning center.

When reviewing your draft remember to consider the organisation of your ideas.  

Ask yourself:

1. Do your ideas flow?

2. Are your main points clear and well developed?

3. Is your conclusion effective?

How should the final IP be structured?

Follow the outline you have developed, taking into account any feedback your instructor and peers have given.

Many ISSS instructors ask for:

  • an introduction
  • a methodology section
  • an historical overview
  • body / content and
  • a conclusion.


Double check your work to make sure you have properly referenced any statistics, facts and ideas that are not your own.

Avoid plagiarism. It is a serious academic offense.