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ISSS Course Guide

What is a Rough Draft?

A rough draft (or first draft) is an important part of the writing process and should show a clear direction for your ideas.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should be complete. (Follow your instructor’s guidelines for content). You will revisit your ideas and edit before submitting your final paper.

Why is it important to write a rough draft?

The more work you invest in your first draft the less work you will have to do for your final research paper!

What should be included in the first draft?

Many ISSS instructors ask for:

  • an introduction
  • a methodology section
  • an historical overview
  • body / content and
  • a conclusion.

What your instructor requires of you may be different. Pay close attention to your assignment sheets and to what is said in class.

How should the first draft be structured?

The first draft should be structured like your final paper will be, based on the outline that you have developed, and incorporating any feedback your instructor has given. 

Learning from feedback

Your teacher and your peer(s) will give feedback on your rough draft. You may also choose to go to the writing centre or learning centre and get extra help from a peer.

Pay attention to comments made on your paper. Sometimes ideas may seem clear to the person writing the paper, but less clear to those reading it. Edit your work so it is understandable to your readers.