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French Resources

A guide to finding resources (books, articles, government documents, etc.) in French.

Quebec Government Sources

Find Quebec government documents through the BANQ. On the right hand side of the results page, under the section "Afficher les résultats pour" check the box "Patrimoine québecois", and under "Regroupement" check the box "Publications gouvernementales".

Government Agencies

Documents from Canadian government agencies, such as Statistics Canada, are also available in both languages.

Search for Statistics Canada documents on their website. (Note: For more information on finding statistical information, see our Statistics guide.)

Documents from Quebec government agencies will, of coure, be available in French (though perhaps not always in English as well). Go directly to the website of the agency that might cover your topic and look for a section entitled "Documents", "Publications", "Rapports", etc.

For example, if your topic relates to education, try the website of the Ministère de l'Education, du Loisir et du Sport.

Canadian Government Sources

Find Canadian governnment documents here: Publications du gouvernement du Canada.

Click on Publications and use the menu options, such as "Recherche" or "Recherche avancée", below "Notre catalogue."

Federal government publications drop-down menu.

You will be able to specific the language of publication when you search.

Selecting a language for federal government publications.


International Governmental Organizations

International governmental organizations often have documents available in French. To find information more substantive than a short blurb or press release, try looking for the word "Publications" or "Documents".