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IM Course Guide

Final IM Research Project Steps

IM students are required to conduct an individual research project.  This project can take many forms.

Steps for conducting a research project

Steps for conducting a research project

a) Choose a topic
b) Select an appropriate population and sample
c) Produce a data collection instrument
d) Collect data systematically
e) Analyse the data
f) Interpret the research results
g) Produce a comprehensive research report

Choose a topic

In choosing research topics we often:

1. Brainstorm for ideas
2. Ask relevant questions about your possible topic idea(s): Will this be researchable? How will I find the information on this topic? Will I be able to find a sample group that corresponds to my area of interest?
3. Read and evaluate available sources on the topic chosen.
4. Focus topic.

Selecting a Population and a Sample

To determine the sample group it is helpful to ask:

1. Who are the group of interest (population) for your research?
2. What sampling method will you use? 
3. How will you contact them?

Produce a Data Collection Instrument

The most common data collection instrument used in IM is the questionnaire. Other research methods can also be used. Your professor may also suggest methods like observation or interviews to collect data.

Analyse the Data

You are required to use statistical analysis to interpret the data collected. 

Interpret the Research Results

You are required to coherently explain the results collected.

Final IM Paper

You are required to produce an individual final project report. This can includan introduction to your research problem

a. a description of your research methods
b. the results of your research
c. a discussion / analysis of the results; and,
d. a conclusion.