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Library Space Survey: Update August 2014

We asked you how you used the library and if there were things we could do better and here is what you said...

What we’ve done so far

We’ve been busy this summer reorganizing the library space. You may notice that the furniture hasn’t changed. We are trying out some ideas before investing in new tables and chairs. We have rearranged and regrouped the furniture, experimenting with new configurations. Let us know how you like it.

Main floor

More computers will be added both in the Quiet Study zone and in the Group Study zone. Coming soon are tables with a computer installed at one end for those who need to work on a group presentation or project. A small reading area is located in the far corner of the new section. There you will find magazines, journals and newspapers.

Library Study Zones

Noise Level

Many of you found the library too noisy. Now that we are bigger we have created zones for different studying needs. On the main floor there are now 2 zones: Quiet Study (yellow) for those of you who want to work in small groups. Here you will find smaller tables and low conversation levels. This zone is located on the side of the library that looks out on Montreal. The Group Study (green) zone, found in the new section of the library, is for normal conversation levels and larger groups. The 3rd floor Silent Study (red) zone is for individual work for those who need a peaceful area for studying. 

Thanks for your input!

More improvements will be coming in the year ahead. We want your feedback on how you like the new look. Please leave your comments in the box below or send a MIO to the Reference Librarian.

3rd floor

More places to plug in! Outlets have been added to the 3rd floor on the Montreal side. The new sections on both floors have outlets in the walls and posts. Later this year we will be moving our novels up to the 3rd floor to create another reading area.