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Library Space Survey: Results from student survey

We asked you how you used the library and if there were things we could do better and here is what you said...

Thank you for your ideas!

We didn't have time to comment on all of your suggestions, but we have taken note of your ideas. We'll keep you up to date with improvements in the library during the next academic year.

Have a great summer!

1.Do you use the library?

95% of the 250 respondents said Yes!

2. If yes, what are your reasons for visiting the library? Please check all that apply.

242 answered this question

4.How do you find the noise level on the main floor of the library?

5. How do you find the noise level on the 3rd floor of the library (where the majority of our books are located)?

6. The library is expanding the main floor. What would you like to see? Please check all that apply.

248 answered this question













7. The library is expanding the 3rd floor. This will remain a silent area. What type of furniture would you prefer? Please check all that apply.

249 answered this question.

250 students completed the survey

We really do appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback about the library. You've spoken and we are listening. We will try to implement as many of your suggestions as we possibly can. Sometimes these things take longer than we expect. But we are working on it. If you think of anything else please feel free to send us a MIO message or email us. We wish you all the success on your final exams and assignments!

We apologize for the construction noise. Several of you commented that the project should have been completed in the summer months. We would have preferred that as well. However the funding requirements, tendering process and construction of a project of this size is complex, making it impossible to complete in only three months.

Thank you for your patience! We hope you like the new space.

Use of the library

Why you use / don't use the library 

The library is well used. The top two reasons for visiting the library are: study alone and study with others.

Those who don't come to the library find the place too noisy and crowded. With the library extension we hope to solve these problems.

3. If no, what are your reasons for not using the library? Please check all that apply.

79 answered this question


What you told us

The noise level on the main floor has a divided response:

  • 46% of you feel it’s just right 
  • 39% find it too noisy.

At the busy times of the day the library does get very noisy. A need for quiet areas showed up in the comments. Your comments included:

  • need more quiet areas
  • the main floor is too noisy
  • the computer lab is too noisy
  • people who are there to socialize should be asked to leave
  • more individual tables or for groups of 2 people
  • put in a closed room for individual studying

On the 3rd floor we have worked hard to create a silent / quiet area. Our efforts have been appreciated! 70% of you feel that the noise level is just right. A smaller percentage of students find the 3rd floor either too noisy (12%) or too quiet (13%). The 3rd floor is made up of the silent / quiet study area as well as the Learning Centre which creates a conflict in the amount of noise allowed. We will be looking at ways to ensure that the silent area is no longer affected by this noise.

What we plan to do

We will be looking at the main floor to see if different arrangements of furniture can help reduce noise. We also need to find a solution for those of you who want to work quietly in groups possibly by creating a quiet group zone.

On the 3rd floor, we hope to place the study carrels further away from the noise coming from the area around the Learning Centre.  




Main Floor Expansion

What you told us

 The top choices are

  • more computers for individual work
  • areas for collaborative group work
  • computers for group work
  • an area for quiet group work

 From the comments the most popular suggestions are:

  • comfortable seating 
  • improved wifi
  • quiet areas
  • individual tables

Other ideas include: an area where food is allowed, more space with a computer for private study, more electrical outlets, and free printing.

What we plan to do

We are planning to add more tables and chairs as well as computers. There will eventually be an area for group work with furniture designed for this activity, with monitors and possibly white boards. There appears to be a need for individual computers in a quiet study area. We are looking to see how this can be arranged.

The wifi problems do not fall under our jurisdiction. We will forward all comments to the Information Technology (IT) department. However you can help the situation by letting the library staff know when the wifi is not working well. We'll pass it on to IT.

Unfortunately we will not be allowing food in the library or selling coffee. Eating areas are not far from the library.

More electrical outlets! We hear you and will gradually be adding them starting with the 3rd floor.

Free printing? The printing fees cover paper, toner and maintenance costs of both the printer and the photocopiers. These fees also allow us to purchase ebooks and databases for your use. 

3rd Floor Expansion

What you told us

Students enjoy comfort. For the 3rd floor the top choice is comfortable chairs for reading. You also appreciate a space that promotes individual study. The second and third choices are tables for individual work and study carrels.

Comfortable seating comes up often in the comments. Other comments include

  • replacing the larger tables with several smaller tables
  • computers for individual work
  • more electrical outlets
  • more books for entertainment (fiction or otherwise)
  • Learning Centre: need more tutors, more space and less noise

What we plan to do

Over time we will be buying more furniture geared to individual work; either study carrels or tables with dividers. Comfortable chairs will make an appearance. We are looking at several possiblities such as putting some chairs in a corner with our collection of novels.

As mentioned above we hope to be able to find a way to supply computers for individual work in a quiet area. This may be on the 3rd or main floor.

More electrical outlets are coming. To start with we are putting them in the quiet area on the Seaway side of the library.

We do not have a budget for novels but we do accept donations of recently published books.

The Learning Centre does not fall under the management of the Library. We will pass on your comments to the appropriate department.