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A guide to business research for students in business-related courses, including Marketing.

Finding Keywords

An effective search strategy begins with good keywords!

  • Think of broader terms
  • Think of synonyms
For more synonyms, try the Merriam-Webster online thesaurus.

Word cloud containing keywords related to industry analysis.

Evaluating Your Sources

Not all sources are created equal! Use the criteria below to assess their credibility:

Reason For what reason what the source created? Is it trying to convince, to sell? Who is the target audience?
Authority What are the qualifications of the author or organization?
Date When was the source created? Is it up to date enough for your project?
Accuracy Is the information in the source correct? 
Relevance Is the source related to your topic? How will you use it?


This guide regroups the links and resources discussed during the information session Finding Sources for Industry Analysis. If you need any help with your research, please ask a librarian.

Finding Articles, Books and Statistics

Statista has a wealth of useful statistics regarding industries. For more help in finding statistics, head to UnlockingResearch.

Using a NAICS code

The NAICS is a national classification system for industries. 

You can use a NAICS code to search for industry information in many databases and websites. Try out:

Other Useful Resources

Resources at the BANQ

The BANQ (Quebec's national library) has many interesting resources available to all residents of Quebec, including several business databases.