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Copyright Workshop

This guide provides information regarding copyright issues as it pertains to the use of copyright protected materials in education setting in Québec.

Fair Dealing Workshop

The topic of this module is Fair Dealing, which is a right conferred by the copyright owner to the user of the work to make certain use of the content within a specific context.  This is not to be confused with Fair Use which is the concept used in the United States.

After completing this module, you will understand the basis for what constitutes fair dealing and be able to evaluate your use of copyrighted content for use in your educational practice.

This module is designed for members of public educational institutions, for whom certain exceptions apply.  Consult a qualified legal professional, or your local librarian, if you are uncertain of your right to reuse a copyrighted resource.

Content of this workshop is adapted from a presentation by Maître Robert Y. Cousineau entitled Copyrights in the CEGEP environment.

Additional Information


We acknowledge the financial contribution of the Table Interordres provinciale du secteur Anglophone /  Provincial Interlevel Table for the English Sector, as well as the technical contribution of M. Ryan Moon, Program Manager - English Language Services Cégep à distance.

The presentation content was adapted from the REPTIC April 2014 workshop Copyrights in the CEGEP environment by Maître Robert Y. Cousineau.