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Copyright Workshop

This guide provides information regarding copyright issues as it pertains to the use of copyright protected materials in education setting in Québec.

Navigating Copyright Workshop

The purpose of this module is to introduce you to the concepts of navigating copyright, a right conferred to the authors of creative works by legal systems around the world.  After the completion of this module, you will be able to make informed choices when using materials created by others in your teaching practice.

The module is designed for members of public educational institutions, for whom certain exceptions apply.  It was adapted from a presentation by Maître Robert Y. Cousineau entitled Copyrights in the CEGEP environment.  Please consult a legal professional or librarian if you are uncertain of your right to reuse a copyrighted resource. 


Copibec - Information videos

The Société québécoise de gestion collective des droits de reproduction, also known as Copibec, is a not-for-profit collective of various actors in the publishing industry.  They represent Québec publishers of books, newspapers and periodicals as well as authors from Québec and the rest of Canada.

Education institutions in Québec of all levels have signed license agreements for the reproduction of copyrighted works with Copibec.  The terms of these agreements differ according to the level of instruction.  For more information regarding the license agreement that applies to your level of instruction, you can refer to the Copibec website at

Copibec has created a series of information videos that explain the limits of the various license agreements.  These are located on the Copibec website associated with the level of instruction.  

  • Preschool, elementary, highschool levels instruction videos - here
  • College level instruction videos - here


Additional Information

For more information regarding Copyright, please refer to the selection of useful links below:


We acknowledge the financial contribution of the Table Interordres provinciale du secteur Anglophone /  Provincial Interlevel Table for the English Sector, as well as the technical contribution of M. Ryan Moon, Program Manager - English Language Services Cégep à distance.

The presentation content was adapted from the REPTIC April 2014 workshop Copyrights in the CEGEP environment by Maître Robert Y. Cousineau.