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Copyright Workshop

This guide provides information regarding copyright issues as it pertains to the use of copyright protected materials in education setting in Québec.


Copyright laws give creators of works the control over the use of their works.  Copyright does not apply to facts, but to the original expression of those facts.  In the past, this control was relatively simple as it described the conditions under which a work could be mechanically reproduced.  In a more open digital environment, usage of works has become more complex.  In addition to copyright laws, various license agreements that institutions sign with copyright collectives, such as Copibec or Access Copyright, or with database vendors also need to be taken into consideration when the decision is made to reuse somebody else's work.  Fair dealing, open access and Creative Commons initiatives adds to the complexity of what can and cannot be used as well as the extent at which it can be used.

Whether it be in person delivery, online or blended learning courses, copyright needs to be taken into consideration.

Designed as a series of workshops videos, the content of this guide will assist teachers better understand the current copyright laws in Canada so that they can make sound decisions when it comes time to use copyrighted works.  You will find, within this guide, a series of video tutorials, tips and links to information in the areas of:

  • Copyright
  • Fair Dealing
  • Creative Commons
  • Open Education Resources


Copyright is a complex issue.  If you cannot find the answers to your questions, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions guide (here) or contact your local copyright specialist.



We acknowledge the financial contribution of the Table Interordres provinciale du secteur Anglophone /  Provincial Interlevel Table for the English Sector, as well as the technical contribution of M. Ryan Moon, Program Manager - English Language Services Cégep à distance.

The presentation content was adapted from the REPTIC April 2014 workshop Copyrights in the CEGEP environment by Maître Robert Y. Cousineau.