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Custom Web Search Tools

Demonstrate how to create custom web search tools that lead to pertinent resources.

Current Awareness Apps

News apps are great for keeping you in the know while you are on the go! Here are examples of news apps to try. As a busy entrepreneur you need to get information in a timely manner. Install news apps on your smart devices. They push information to your device based on the way you set them up. 

Below are screenshots and videos for explaining the app set-up to start receiving the news items gathered by each app. You just need to begin so that you can stay in the know while you are on the go!

Flipboard App


Create your own personalized magazine with the topics that you select in Flipboard.

Feedly App

All your RSS Feeds in one convenient spot! Gather together all your news feeds in one spot. You choose the topics.

SmartNews App

Mostly American & International
Articles From Magazines
Click the Gear icon (top right) to open the settings and you could change the default edition from International to another edition. Edit channel order to change the order of the topic tabs.


Fast News App

Get Articles from Canadian newspapers. Go to Settings to select the Country and the Titles of the newspapers you want to follow.