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Custom Web Search Tools

Demonstrate how to create custom web search tools that lead to pertinent resources.

Customizable Websites

Google Alerts

With Google Alerts, Google will send you an email anytime it finds something new on your topic.

For help in setting up your Google Alerts go to:



Netvibes allows you to set up a page where you can monitor everything on a specific topic. You can keep up with news on your favourite websites,Twitter and Facebook as well as include apps such as weather, email, calculator, etc. Below is a sample dashboard monitoring the topic Doing business in Canada.

For more help, consult this page about setting up your very first dashboard.


RSS Feeds

Many websites give the option to subscribe to an RSS feed to easily find out when new content is posted. This frees users from having to check the website often to stay updated.

Not all sites have an RSS feed. To know if this functionality is available or not, look for this icon on the webpage.

You can view all of your RSS feeds in one place by using a reader service like NetVibes, Feedly or RSSOwl.


There are two ways to subscribe to an RSS feed:

  • Most readers have a search function enabling to find and add feeds; simply use it and let the reader do the rest.
  • Find the RSS icon on a website, click on it and copy paste the web address into your reader's "Add" function.

ChangeDetection is useful when the website you want to monitor does not have a RSS feed. Alerts will be emailed to you each time a change is made on the page that you are interested in. You will need to create an account to use this web tool.

You can customize the frequency of alerts and the type of change you want to monitor.


Google Custom Search Box

Google Custom Search allows you to set up a search engine that will search through a collection of websites that you have selected. The box can be inserted on your website or blog. For information on how to set it up go to: