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Information for Health Care Workers

Be Critical

Before you start your search be sure you know what you are looking for. Do you want the lastest news on a topic, statistics, proven techniques, descriptions, an educational video or an image?

Once you've completed your search it is important to evaluate the quality of the information as you look through your page of results. Appy the CRAP test to each of the websites.

Currency:  When was the information published? Has it been revised or updated?

Reliability:  Is the information accurate? Where does it come from? Have you seen this information in another source?

Authority:  Who is the author and is the author qualified to write on the topic?

Purpose:  Why was this information published? Is it fact, opinion or propaganda?

What to Look For

Websites vary greatly in the way they are organized. It is not always easy to find the information needed to properly evaluate the web page. Use the following resources. : a tool developed by Champlain College Saint-Lambert to help students with their research papers. The link takes you to the page on how to evaluate a website.